"Melissa Nelson is a passionate and talented writer and clearly has a gift for engaging the reader in a style that flows effortlessly and keeps the pages turning. She knows how to tell a great story."  Jennifer Hipple

INTRODUCING! A Veterinarian & Farmer with A Passion for Writing Young Adult(YA) Fantasy Novels & Adult Thriller/Suspense Fiction


Greetings from Rural America,

When I’m not busy wrangling cattle and cats on my farm and at my veterinary clinic, I spend my time writing books. Writing is a skill that I love to work on perfectingI have authored three nonfiction books about small farms and poultry, written numerous articles on pet and livestock health, and I have written and published two novels. 

MelissaNelson-Life's better on horseback

Growing up on my parents dairy farm with 9 older siblings,  I learned from a young age to find inspiration from living on the land and being close to nature and the animal kingdom. 

My beloved pets–including my dogs Axel and Rosie and my cat Puffy–keep me entertained and inspire me with their adventures. 

I graduated from College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota with a DVM degree in Veterinary Medicine.  I have 18 years experience as a veterinarian both in public and private practice and extensive experience and training in meat and milk quality assurance from farm to fork. 

I also have more than 30 years experience in food animal production.

I am committed to running my farm in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner. Pastures are rotationally grazed by cow/calf pairs while both pastureland and hayfields are maintained and harvested with nesting areas for ducks in mind. We work with the natural flow and ebb of water in lieu of draining the wetlands.  


I enjoy communicating my experience, knowledge and skills to educate and knowledge share with other producers, veterinary clients and other interested individuals. 

In addition to my works of fiction I have written a number of nonfiction books including: 

Please feel free to contact me at barncatpress@yahoo.com for questions, interviews, and media appearances. 

I love talking about farming, sustainable agriculture, caring for pets, and anything rural.

Best regards,

Melissa G. Nelson, DVM

(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

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