M.G. Nelson whiles the time away crafting novels on a farm tucked away in a quiet corner of the Upper Midwest. Cows, chickens, cats, and a couple of good hounds keep things lively for the author. Good books, travel, and solid friends keep things real.


My life's work is caring for animals and the environment, and I’m extremely grateful that I've had the opportunity to steward a farm raising beef cattle in a sustainable manner and that I work as a veterinarian. 

Every day has its challenges but more importantly the opportunities to make the world just a little bit better by helping pet owners and farmers help their sick animals get well, their well animals stay well, or, occasionally, to humanely end suffering. 

Given my background, I weave animals and environmental themes into my writings into what I think are entertaining reads. I'm lucky to have been planted in a time and place where I have the instant inspirations that help prevent writer's block!–Melissa Nelson

MelissaNelson-In surgery

About Melissa G. Nelson, Author, Farmer & Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Melissa Nelson works in a rural veterinary clinic with all kinds of animals but primarily with cats, dogs and their humans

Prior to her work at the veterinary clinic, Nelson worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and dealt primarily with cattle.

 "With the USDA there is more of an economic focus," Nelson says. Changing to rural veterinary medicine meant a change in clients. "It's just different, here you're working with people and their pets. It’s more about companionship and there's more of a human focus in my daily work routine.”


1. Veterinarian who has worked in private and public practice and as a veterinary education liaison  with a major animal food manufacturer and as an animal health writer for Wikihow and local/regional newspapers.

2.  Lifelong farmer starting as a dairy farmer's daughter to owning the family homestead and running a successful beef cattle farm.

3. Agricultural researcher who secured grants through the Minnesota Department of Sustainable Agriculture to study raising beef and dairy calves on pasture and improving farm land to provide vital pollinator habitat for bees and butterflies.

4. Equally adept at baking a pie and mending a fence.

5. Went door-to-door in Los Angeles for three weeks asking people if they owned any chickens or birds as part of a disease eradication program.

6. Avid hiker and solo traveler.

7. Half blood Swede who has visited the homeland and ancestral farm.

8. Youngest of 10 children

9. Have visited most of the United States except for three states (hope to have that rectified soon.)

10. An animal lover who stocks her farm with a couple of dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, cattle and two slightly spoiled horses.

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