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M.G. Nelson

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TITLE: The Slaughterhouse Secrets

AUTHOR: M. G. Nelson

PUBLISHER: Barn Cat Press


RETAIL PRICE: $9.99 US (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0997819137

PAGES: 238


Sales Copy

Murder, meth, mayhem, of these things don't belong with the others. That's what Dr. Jessica Bergstrom, veterinarian, assumed when she started working at a benign and boring, yet vitally important, job as a veterinary meat inspector. 

She quickly finds out these things do fit together as she puts the puzzle of corruption and deception together as her job devolves from inspecting cattle and beef sides into a dangerous career and potentially life ending endeavor. With a little help from her friend, Shana, and her kid brother, Jay, Jessica digs through the layers of drug dealing, toxic meat processing and government bungling that serve up a lethal stew in small town Minnesota.

She gets too close to the truth when she stumbles upon illicit drug dealing involving a local cop and a plant foreman. Will she pay the ultimate price for her determination to bring the truth to light?


The Slaughterhouse Secrets is available both as a print and an e-book at these following stores along with select independent brick and mortar stores.


Dr. Melissa (M. G.) Nelson has authored three nonfiction books about small farms and poultry, written numerous articles on pet and livestock health, and has written and published two novels. Dr. Nelson graduated from the University of Minnesota (B.S., D.V.M.) and has practiced throughout the state as a veterinarian in both private and public practice. She owns the farm in western Minnesota which she grew up on with her parents and nine siblings. She raises cattle along with managing pasture land and doing on-farm research through grants from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

A true Renaissance woman, Dr. Nelson enjoys many pursuits outside her farm, writing and veterinary work. These include traveling both domestic and internationally where she gathers myriad of ideas for her novels and researches family genealogy. Emergency management of animal disease outbreaks has found her traveling throughout the United States working with national agencies (APHIS and FEMA) to assist with eradicating disease outbreaks in poultry. During downtime, she enjoys reading a wide variety of subjects from fiction to home remodeling to history. As a movie buff, her retirement goal is to work as the ticket taker at a large cinema to take advantage of seeing movies at a reduced rate.


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Patrick Clinton: The New Food Economy

"There are dire treatises on the fate of the food system. But if you want something lighter—maybe a thriller set in the dark and mysterious world of USDA meat inspectors?"
Read Patrick’s full review here: The New Food Economy

Tyan Wyss: Author <>

I am happy to say that this novel, though highly realistic and graphic about a meat-packing plant and its Public Health Vet who does the inspections to be informative and thrilling. The highly intelligent main character, Jessica Bergstrom, faces almost insurmountable challenges.
From sexual harassment to undocumented nighttime slaughters of unregulated cattle, she rises to the occasion. Never weak or whiny, she is the epitome of today’s ‘real’ woman who works hard, has a huge college debt, and chooses to be a ‘whistle blower’ because it is the right thing to do.
I loved the character of Jessica who is independent and knowledgeable about her job and believes that the public’s safety is the most important aspect of her job. The novel takes on a ‘thriller’ quality about a third of the way through and I found it so gripping that I couldn’t stop reading.
I could see this making an awesome film with a strong female lead whose moral center makes her take on the ‘big boys’ who only want to turn a quick buck. I loved the twist at the ending which left me shaking my head at the irony of it all. Highly recommended!



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