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M.G. Nelson

@mgnelsonwrites on twitter


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TITLE: The Telling Mirror

AUTHOR: M. G. Nelson

PUBLISHER: Barn Cat Press

DATE OF PUBLICATION: January 25, 2017

RETAIL PRICE: $12.99 US (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0997819113

PAGES: 338


The Telling Mirror: Follow the adventure! Follow Sig and Reggie on the adventure of a lifetime as they travel through a mysterious world full of wonder and danger.

Rebellious kid, check. Strict guardians, check. Isolated farm, check. Talking cat, check...wait, what?

Signe Erickson—Sig for short—is a kid who keeps messing up on her Uncle Dan's farm after her parents’ ditch her in foster care. After the millionth fight with Dan she's ready to flee the farm to San Diego but finds herself, along with Reggie, the barn cat turned boy in a dark and hostile world ravaged by war, famine and a scorching climate.

From a witch who tries to marry her to her ogre son, to a traveling minstrel who sells her to the evil Lord Reficul, and pirates who almost kill them both Sig and Reggie survive these assaults and more until they end up imprisoned—Reggie in a filthy cell and Sig in an opulent room. Winter literally is coming as Sig and Reggie escape Lord Reficul's mountain fortress with Snorre, a Scandian, the proud remnants of the Vikings in this mystical Other World.

Their adventure continues when they join forces with the scattered rebels to face off against Lord Reficul’s troops in a cataclysmic battle. Will they—and the world—survive?


The Telling Mirror is available both as a print and an e-book at these following stores along with select independent brick and mortar stores.


Dr. Melissa (M. G.) Nelson has authored three nonfiction books about small farms and poultry, written numerous articles on pet and livestock health, and has written and published two novels. Dr. Nelson graduated from the University of Minnesota (B.S., D.V.M.) and has practiced throughout the state as a veterinarian in both private and public practice. She owns the farm in western Minnesota which she grew up on with her parents and nine siblings. She raises cattle along with managing pasture land and doing on-farm research through grants from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

A true Renaissance woman, Dr. Nelson enjoys many pursuits outside her farm, writing and veterinary work. These include traveling both domestic and internationally where she gathers myriad of ideas for her novels and researches family genealogy. Emergency management of animal disease outbreaks has found her traveling throughout the United States working with national agencies (APHIS and FEMA) to assist with eradicating disease outbreaks in poultry. During downtime, she enjoys reading a wide variety of subjects from fiction to home remodeling to history. As a movie buff, her retirement goal is to work as the ticket taker at a large cinema to take advantage of seeing movies at a reduced rate.


You are welcome to use these photos of me for promotional use.


Rebecca Flansburg: Book Blogger

This book was simply wonderful! Big action right within the first chapter and it never stopped the rest of the way either. A great YA book about a modern day trouble teen who is thrust into a world not unlike Lord of the Rings. Tons of complex characters (but they all made sense) and mindblowing detail. I have little bookmarks everywhere in this book because the author shares (through her characters) some pretty profound thoughts about fear and even the greed of our modern times. I seriously want to read this book again. :) Highly recommend!

Read Rebecca’s full review at her blog Frantic Mommy:

Florentine: Book Blogger

I was completely hooked. This is a story that has to be given a chance, as I truly enjoyed reading Ms. Nelson's artistic and thrilling work, given the opportunity to vicariously live vividly through the character's amazing adventures.

From the first page of this novel, I was completely extracted from reality, plunged into the strange world that M.G. Nelson so tastefully created. Everything fell into place, meeting our protagonist Sig, getting to know her character as a self conscious, misunderstood and rebellious figure, to the bizarre and unknown world she literally falls into. They go through the most unexpected and nail-biting twists and turns, which kept me on the edge of my seat, longing to know what would happen next in the chapters to follow. 

Read Florentine’s full review at her blog, Readiculously Peachy:

Loren Lockner: Author

Spellbinding Coming of Age Fantasy

Sig believes she is just the typical misunderstood teenager and one day, after a run-in with her uncle, Sig decides she can’t take it anymore and decides to run away and find her Dad. When the self-centered teen ends up crashing through a portal to another world, she ends up on a breakneck adventure with a cat who suddenly turns into a wily teenager with more than one secret up his paw.

Sig discovers she is a Seer and can glimpse the future (and her dad) in the telling mirror. What ensues is a wild ride where she grows up whether she wants to or not. Will Sig find her dad? Will she be able to help defeat the evil Queen Nastella and her equally abhorrent son, Reficul? But most importantly, will the quiet dignity of the snow people of Scandia alter her from the self-absorbed, whiny teen she was before and make her someone worth fighting beside. This is a fine YA book that can be highly recommended. Enjoy!



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