About Me

My Writing Journey


I'm a veterinarian and farmer with a passion for writing. I started writing around the age of 12, but didn't start pursuing it as a career until 20 years later.

I started out writing a pet health column for my tiny hometown newspaper, graduated to a horse health column (my first paid gig) for a regional newspaper, then landed a contract to write three non-fiction books on (you guessed it) agriculture and animals.

My first novel was originally named Inedible but was wisely changed to The Slaughterhouse Secrets. This was based very loosely on my job as a Veterinary Medical Officer in the USDA-FSIS.

This was followed by The Telling Mirror and The Return to Podocia, the first two books in The Telling Mirror series.

Currently I'm hashing out the  follow up book to The Slaughterhouse Secrets. The main character, Dr. Jessica Bergstrom returns to private veterinary practice only to be stalked by the local small town drug ring.

My Other Life


My earliest childhood memories revolve around animals. My parents had a dairy and hog farm, but we also raised chickens and sheep. A baby lamb would occasional stay in our farmhouse basement as they were born during the cold February winters. I had the perfect job for a kid : feeding them!

I have been lucky enough to become a veterinarian and to incorporate my passion for animals into my writing. 

As an added bonus I now own and manage my parents old dairy farm which is now a beef cattle farm. I raise my cattle and manage the land in a sustainable manner to enhance both human, animal and environmental health.

To that end I've obtained grants to study the establishment of pollinator habitat on farm land currently not used for food production.