The Return to Podocia

Sig's journey continues

The Return to Podocia is the second book in The Telling Mirror series. The story picks up a few months after the end of The Telling Mirror. This time Sig's plopped into a far different part of the Other World than we experienced in The Telling Mirror.  We learn more about how climate change, global warming and nonstop warfare affected this not to distant future. 

I also wanted to touch more upon Sig and her troubles along with a new character, Hilde, introduced in this book. To do so I relied on the astute knowledge and experience of my good friend, Pastor Kandi, who is a foster mother, licensed social worker and ordained minister.  The girls have some serious conversations about some serious issues as they battle their way across hostile territory to re-unite with Sig's dad.

I had fun as well by world building,creating dynamic and complex characters along with some  lighthearted and funny scenes. Did you know that sewing can play a big part in a country's defense? It does in The Return to Podocia! Like in The Telling Mirror I pulled bits and pieces from Scandinavian/Norse folklore to create many of the characters the teens encounter along their journey.

Read for yourself by grabbing a copy of The Return to Podocia and stay tuned for the third and final book in the series!

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Sig’s back in South Dakota—back to Nowhereville. All she wants is to hunker down and get through the school year so she can make her escape to Podocia. It’s quite simple really; she needs to return to search for her father, who she last saw on the wrong end of an exploding volcano.

Right as school seems to be going smoothly, Kyle, the school bully, rears his ugly head. Sure, Sig didn’t start the fight, she was just trying to watch the homecoming football game, but boy did she end it. 

Kicked out of the game, Sig finds herself trekking back to her uncle’s farm on foot during a thunderstorm. But a well-placed bolt of lightning has other plans for her. She finds herself hurled back into the hectic, helter skelter of Podocia in the blink of an eye,

Faced with befriending an oddball who hitched a ride on that same bolt of lightning, Sig must conquer boiling lava, glacier fields, and fairies. And a stray rock giant or two might make an appearance. What amounts to a perfectly average day in Podocia.

Fans of The Blackwell Pages series and Percy Jackson will fall in love with The Return to Podocia, the second book in The Telling Mirror series!

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