The Telling Mirror

The back story to the story


As a child raised on a dairy and grain farm I had a strong work ethic instilled in me from a young age. My earliest memories are of helping around the farm: weeding our massive garden, feeding baby calves, shoveling manure.

Dad taught me to drive by placing me on his lap in our old family station wagon to let me steer the car down our gravel road and by the age of ten I was the designated tractor driver while my parents and older brothers stacked 60-80 pound hay bales on hay racks and up in the barn's hay mow.

We had tons of fun in that hay mow in the cold Minnesota winters. My brothers would make elaborate hay forts that we'd play in until the stacks gradually dwindled as the cattle in the stalls below the hay mow were fed the hay.

These memories played a big part in the opening scene of The Telling Mirror when the main character, Sig, uses the hay mow on her uncle's farm to hide her ill-gotten booty. Her petty thievery ends up with her falling through the barn's wall-along with the resident barn cat-and passing through a portal to another world. 

True story: when I was six or seven my older sister and I were playing in our barn mow one beautiful summer day. I stepped onto the straw bale covering the hole in the floor we used to toss bales down. The strings on the bale must've been weak or damaged as they broke and I fell through the hole to the cement barn floor eight feet below.

I wasn't blasted into another world but I did get the wind knocked out of me! No doubt I had a barn cat or two wondering why that human child was so clumsy. Goes to show that writer's take inspiration from almost anything even if it's a long ago, painful memory.

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 From her farm in South Dakota, to a war-torn world ravaged by an evil prince and his wicked mother, Sig's adventure begins here.

Signe Erickson--Sig for short--seems out of place in the world. Fostered by relatives on a farm in the middle-of-nowhere, Sig is ready to leave through any means necessary. All she needs is her trusty barn cat Reggie, who may be much more than meets the eye.

When Sig said she was desperate to leave the farm, she had something far less drastic in mind. She finds herself in an alternate world bent on her untimely undoing and ravaged by war. With Reggie, who has unexpectedly become much more than a mere friendly feline, Sig must find her footing and discover her true powers.

From an unsolicited marriage to an ogre, to being auctioned off to the evil Prince Reficul and imprisoned by his mother Lady Nastella, Sig and Reggie find firsthand how hostile this new world can be. Sig and Reggie must find a way to escape their imprisonment from Reficul's mountain stronghold to join forces with a scattered band of rebels and Vikings to face off against Prince Reficul. Will they, and their new world, survive this cataclysmic battle?

Fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will fall in love with Signe Erickson and the Telling Mirror series. 

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